MCS Inkjetsystemen

MCS Inc. (USA) belongs worldwide to the leading group of manufacturers for inkjet printing systems. Their innovative R&D department has developed pioneering work for example for Kyocera based UV inkjet printing systems (Eagle UV). Another advantage that MCS was able to realize is based in their hybrid inkjet printing systems (Eagle Hybrid). It provides the quality of a laser print by applying at the same time the advantages of a professional inkjet print of variable data (high speed, a wide range of application and relatively low costs for acquisition, maintanance and consumption. The stable and comprehensive user software „Raptor“ enables you to combine almost any imaginable configuration with the MCS systems. At any point in time, the innovative operation of this strong tool comes first. A quick processing of a large amount of data as well as large pdf files is no prroblem. MCS systems are especially made for the processing of pdf files in duplex application – including a read&print application. They also provide various connections (tracking, camera read, locks etc.). A MCS Eagle system (UV or hybrid) can feature up to 6 print heads of 4,25“/108mm = 648mm. Furthermore, additional HP print heads (Falcon) can be mounted on the eagle system.